Aunt Audrey’s Favorite, previously owned by Charlotte and Wayne Harrison has been in existence for over 17years with remarkable progress in the cake business.
The retirement of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison in the year December 31st 2018 proceeded to the selling and handing over to the new owner Kurt West. 
Mr. Kurt West, is a passionate workaholic with over 33 years of experience in fondant and buttercream work. He has worked in Trinidad, St. Maarten, Kenya and now Canada.
He has successfully moved the business to a specialty in Custom Cakes and other delicious cakes to meet client and customers demand.


The goal is for the customers to be pleased above all, take the business to a new level of creativity, design and flavors. 
Also, to provide more in terms of pastries and other desserts.
Build a Team that will offer professional and high quality of cakes, pastries and other desserts.